Class A - Line Service

A vehicle designed for ambulance evacuation of patients without obvious signs of life-threatening condition accompanied by medical personnel. (A1 - for transporting one patient; A2 - for transporting one or more patients on a stretcher)

Class B - Intensive Care

A vehicle designed to provide emergency medical care by a visiting ambulance team, medical evacuation and monitoring of a person's condition outside of a medical organization.

Class C - Reanimobile

A vehicle designed to provide emergency medical care, including specialized emergency medical care by resuscitation or specialized resuscitation mobile teams of emergency medical care, sanitary evacuation and monitoring the state of a person's organism outside a medical organization.

Ambulances are available in the following modifications:
Ambulances is a full-fledged working station, where various therapeutic measures, including intensive care and resuscitation measures, are carried out.

The production and delivery of new ambulances is carried out in several directions based on technical and functional features:

Ambulances have an advantage in driving on the roads according to the current traffic regulations, due to the presence of flashing lights and alarms, installed by the manufacturers during the production of this special vehicle.

Our company offers vehicles of the following well-known brands Mercedez Benz, Hyundai, Ford, Renault, Volkswagen, Jac, Lada, GAZ and others, characterized by reliable operation. New ambulances are produced and supplied with a view to smooth operation of medical staff. Each of the vehicles is highly demanded by various specialized medical institutions, due to competitive prices and minimized maintenance costs.

In addition, the cabin of special vehicles can be completed with the following medical devices: syringe dispensers, pulse oximeters, immobilization devices, glucose meters, vacuum mattresses and other devices for the capacity of professional medical staff.

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